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Life is an emotional ocean, sometimes there are storms, sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain.  Bathe in the sun, allow the rain to cleanse you, ride the waves and look for the lighthouse!

If you suffer a broken heart the physical, mental and emotional pain can drown you, but know that your spirit remains whole.  Don’t allow darkness to fill the void in your heart, fill it with the light of your soul.

If your body breaks, everyone’s does at some time, know that this is just a vehicle for this lifetime.  YOU remain whole, YOU continue on.

If life seems to throw a massive s**t bucket over you all at once, it is because you are ready to learn from it.  Just when you think you are on the floor and you cannot go on, you take another breath and another and another and then you find yourself no longer prostrate on the floor, but on your knees.  It is easier to rise from your knees.

If someone has hurt you so badly that your whole being aches.  Take the pain and learn from it.  You will discover who your true friends are, you will learn that you are stronger than you thought and maybe one day you will look back and thank that person for those valuable lessons.

If you find feelings of anger and thoughts of revenge consuming your mind, send them away, search out a way harnessing that energy for something more positive.  That dark energy will only sit in your physical and etheric bodies and one day come back and bite you in the form of some ‘dis-ease’.

Trust that everything happens with perfect timing.

Trust that your soul is experiencing exactly what it requires and that if you learn you will not need to re-take the exam!

Trust that when you ask, whatever your version of God is, you are heard.  Then look out for the signs and messages.  They are subtle hints and whispers, dreams and imaginings, but they are very real.

Seek out people and animals who make you feel good.

Seek out activities that make your soul sing.

Seek out your truth as it is only when we live our truth that we are become whole.

When we are whole we are filled with light and there is no room for darkness.



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