By appointment

Daytime, evenings, weekends.

Regular groups include: Fortnightly Reiki share, fortnightly Spiritual Development Circle, monthly, Crystal meditation.

Regular short and weekend workshops and courses.

Guidance to help you expand your spiritual development.  It is well recognised that having a spiritual belief and practice can help with the everyday challenges of life.  Learn how to find your own path and weave it into daily routine. 

During sessions you will explore meditation,  Angels, spirit guides, divination using cards and runes, connecting with spirit and healing.

Sometimes the thought of attending a ‘circle’ or spiritual development group can be daunting or perhaps you can’t find one that fits with your schedule.  This is a way of finding out more about different practices in a safe and confidential environment.  Find out how to explore areas of interest to you.

angel feather Spiritual Development Tea Party.

angel featherMeditation.

angel featherSpiritual Mentoring

This is not linked or affiliated to any particular religion.  Everyone’s own beliefs and opinions belong to them and are respected.  This is a safe space to explore another part of life and its many lessons.

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