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I choose to stay at the top of my happiness ladder,  just for now!

I started to write a blog about connecting to our spirit guides this morning, but then I needed to go to my local town to run some errands and I truly felt like I was in a parallel universe so now I find myself writing this one about happiness instead.

The doom, gloom and misery that seemed to be round every  corner was palpable.  Not one smiling face on the street and so I ran my errands.  The lady in the post office was polite, but did not have a sunny disposition, the person in the shop was almost polite she just couldn’t quite manage it and then I went to my favourite spot for a coffee.  I was blessed to meet my daughter who was the first happy person I had seen all day!  In a few days time she is going to run a race called ‘Tough Mudder’ it is a 12 mile race with many large obstacles and as the name would suggest, lots of mud.  She is running it to raise money for
Alzheimers research, a cause close to her heart.

Often as happens with the wonderful synchronicity of life my daughter told me about a telephone call that she had received from the charity that very morning.  Where the caller had asked her how she was feeling about doing the race and she told him she was really looking forward to it, that she couldn’t wait for the challenge and the sense of satisfaction on completion.  The phone line was silent for a while and then the man told her that she was the only person who had responded to him positively after a whole morning’s telephone calls to contestants.

I sat with my Almond milk cappuccino and began to observe the people around me.  A lady came in and asked if it was OK to bring her dog in with her, a member of staff told her this was absolutely fine that dogs were allowed on the ground floor, but not upstairs.  Instead of being overjoyed that a town centre eatery was dog friendly, a rarity around these parts, she was miserable that the dog couldn’t go upstairs.

Next a group of people came in on a working lunch, judging by their appearance, one of the gentlemen was wondering where to sit and a female member of the party said “sit where you like, there is nowhere comfortable in here”.  This establishment has sofas, bar stools, dining chairs, some with padded backs, some with wooden backs.  I have never struggled to find a comfy spot, despite my back problems.

I enjoyed my lunch and went on my way still pondering at why folks are so glum and bumped straight into two ladies verbally destroying a third who was not present.

Those of you who have followed my blog will know that I have come to choose happiness as a result of experiencing the complete opposite.  I have been clinically depressed (a nasty little monster that will often try and attack when you least expect it) and I spent a long time in my life asking ‘why me?’ and even begging God to take me.  Then I began to rediscover my spiritual practice and one day woke up and thought I am choosing misery over happiness and I am NOT going to do it any longer.

This person or that person cannot make me feel a certain way, I choose to allow them to.  This situation or that situation cannot make me stressed, I choose to allow it to.  My physical pain cannot make me despair, I choose to allow it to.  I am sure you get the picture.  

When you wake in the morning before you have your first thought or open your eyes you are at one with the universe, you are peaceful, if your first thought is a happy one you remain in that place of ‘oneness’, if your first thought is an unhappy one you have taken one step down the happiness ladder, if that is followed by another low ranking thought you will take another step down the happiness ladder and if your whole day is consumed by internal dialogue that is self deprecating or if you allow your boss, your partner, your children and so on to get under your skin you will continue to climb down the happiness ladder and believe me when you have reached the bottom you are exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally it is then quite a challenge to climb back up to the top and if you live at the bottom of the ladder day after day you will find yourself suffering from depression or physical illness bought on by this perpetual low state.

Once you have consciously set your intention to stay on the top steps of your ladder if you find yourself being pulled down you can make the decision and say to yourself “I am not going to allow this to pull me down, I am staying at the top of my happiness ladder”. With you on your ladder have a bucket full of gratitude for all that you have.  Do you have clothes on your back?  Do you have enough food to survive? Are you blessed to have someone love you? (with this I include living, passed over and perhaps sense of Divine love).  Do you have access to water.  Then have gratitude because if you are not at the top of your happiness ladder  you could live in a mansion, have a swimming pool and millions of £ / $’s in the bank but you will still be full of woe.

Every thought that you have, everything you say carries a vibrational frequency.  Happy vibrates higher than sadness and anger.  Those vibrations are picked up by everything around you, believe it or not research has been done that shows plants react  to someone who is giving off negative vibes by giving out defence chemicals.  We have all experienced how a room full of happy laughing people can instantly be brought to a standstill when just one person walks in giving off a ‘bad vibe’.

So next time you feel like you are dropping down your happiness ladder take that conscious decision to stay on top.  Just for now!

For help with meditation please click here.

Make up your mind, nothing is more important than how I feel now, because now is everything.  Now is the whole enchilada.  Now is the power of me.  Now, now, now, now, now……  You might as well start somewhere and it might as well be now.  Why not start improving your life now, now, now?  Abraham – Hicks

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