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Food and good conversation is good for the mind, body and soul!

It seems to me, well according to this blog post anyway, that my whole world revolves around meal times!  Actually now I think about it that isn’t far from the truth.  I do love good food, especially when shared with great conversation.

The subject of this piece has evolved from a discussion with a friend over lunch yesterday and another with my partner this morning over breakfast at our favourite farm!

Do you feel empowered to speak your truth?

It occurred to me that often people who work in the spiritual sector feel the need to apologise for being other than what is considered perhaps ‘normal’ by the establishment or if not being apologetic, many people feel the need to somehow justify what they do to others.  If you are an accountant, school teacher, nurse do you need to justify your job to others?

I wonder if this conditioning begins with school where square pegs are relentlessly hammered into round holes.  Children who do not fit the mould are then singled out for the class bullies or for a system whereby being different is somehow considered to be a wrongdoing or disadvantage.

I was one of those different children and I can say now that my schooldays felt like a form of torture, so much so that I managed to manifest my exit (my first delve into manifestation) at the age of 13!

Maybe it stems from the fear of persecution or ridicule.  We have come from a long history of victimization for not fitting the current narrative, whatever that be at the time; take the witch hunts for example, or even in very recent history the vilification of those who chose bodily autonomy.

The language we use.

I listen to other spiritual practitioners speak and as a self analyser I listen to myself and the language I have in the past or use now and I often hear the phrases “You’ll probably think I’m weird…..” or “This might sound crazy / odd / weird to you, but…..”  Sometimes when asked what they do for a living spiritual workers often feel the need to give the title and then justify it with a protracted explanation about how they arrived at this and how, even though it sounds a bit odd the reason it is important.

There is also a kind of virtue signalling, I have been guilty of this myself.  Placing posts on social media stating “I am weird and proud of it.” That type of thing.  Now I write this I recall I have written about the word ‘weird’ before as I had a week back in 2020 when I was called weird by different people several times! You can read this short post here.  These days the word is often used in a derogatory way to mean strange or out of the norm.

Changing tides of time.

I believe that in these current times there is a  turning of the tides back to another way of being.  More and more people are looking to traditional, natural ways of being.  Whether that is in earth based belief systems such as the path of the Native American, Paganism, Witchcraft; it may be an interest in energy medicine such as Reiki, or perhaps naturopathy or less toxic food; it may be a moving away from the modern fast paced way of living and wanting to return to a connection with inner and outer peace.  Whatever it is there is a growing movement of souls realising that there has to be more to this earthly existence than running on a hamster wheel!

As I feel these shifts it occurs to me that this is a time when ALL workers of the light should feel empowered enough to stand up and be unapologetic about who they are and what they do.  Of course many already do this.  If your way does not align with another’s beliefs or values then this is ok, we are all travelling our own journeys.  Let us not judge. It is not our job to convert or convince the unconvincable any more than it is theirs to do this to us.

There are many folks who feel safe to be their true selves within spiritual circles, but when out and about with friends and family feel the need to self censor.  To this I would ask the question: Why?
Why do you feel unable to speak your truth? 
For whose sake is it, your own or to protect others?

I do not have the answers to these questions for others only for myself.  In years gone by I have had my own very personal reasons for self censorship and I am gladly free from those now which is in itself empowering.

Perhaps now is the time to ask ourselves if we are able to be our true selves all the time and if the answer is no then examine the reasons why.

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