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This is a wonderful, natural, drug free holistic therapy that can help with anxiety, depression, physical pain, emotional traumas, addictions the list goes on!  The beauty of it is once you are familiar with the process you can self treat.  If you would like more information, please get in touch.

Some people know EFT as ‘tapping’ this refers to the tapping of strategic acupressure points on the upper body, it is also know as psychological acupressure.  In the USA, where it was founded by Gary Craig, some schools are now teaching it to students as a tool that they can use to cope with personal problems, exam nerves, fears and phobias.

It has been successfully used to treat war veterans suffering from PTSD with studies showing that within a month sufferers had significantly reduced their psychological stress and PTSD symptoms with some no longer fitting the diagnosis of PTSD.

Another US study showed that sufferers of anxiety had significant improvements with EFT over those using other methods such as CBT. I have personally used it to help with physical pain from Arthritis and also to keep me calm when going in for major surgery.  I am now compiling a study to see how many women it can help for symptoms related with the menopause.

EFT uses 9 acupressure points and this can send signals to the part of the brain that is controlling the problem, by accessing this in a controlled way using the EFT method it helps to get to the root of an issue and bit by bit lessen it’s intensity.

Some people just need 1 session to get over a longstanding issue others will require a few more as the layers are peeled back to reveal the origin of the  cause of disruption to a person.

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