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Don’t Get Caught in Your PJ’s!

I want to start by telling you a short tale:  Over the last several years I have run a Reiki share group, where people from all levels, traditions and lineages of Reiki can come to share healing, companionship and be part of a Reiki community.  It is a beautiful thing and one of my favourite groups.  I also run these groups free of charge as the exchange is a treatment for me too. Everyone’s a winner!

One rainy Wednesday evening no one was able to make the share and so I thought to myself a night in my Pj’s with a cuppa and a book might be in order.  Luckily something within me said don’t put your pajamas on yet, so I didn’t.  I was just getting comfy on the sofa when the doorbell went and not 1, not 2, but 3 of my Reiki sharers had changed their plans and arrived!  Thank goodness thought I, imagine how I would have felt answering the door in a state of undress.  We went on to have a beautiful evening, but not without some initial preparation as you will see shortly.

Why am I sharing this tale?

Because recently I have had clients book in and with no warning not turn up, even though I message in advance as a reminder and I have also had a student tell me that they have tried to recreate the feeling of the energy in my healing room in their own meditation space.  Therefore, I shall let you peek behind the scenes of the process that I and many other spiritual practitioners go through before receiving a client, running a group or teaching a course.

Back to the beginning and my tale of pj’s!

The people who came were surprised to see the healing room in darkness, but what shocked them more was how different it felt.  No feeling of serenity, none of the usual feeling that elicits a big sigh and a letting go of all the day’s stress as they walk through the door.  They were coming in cold.  It was a useful learning for them and so we set to work creating the energetic hug in the space and a good evening was had by all.

Here’s what happens before a group, a treatment or a lesson.

Aside from the usual and expected making oneself presentable and ensuring the space is clean and tidy and water is available there is an energetic component for myself and the space.  It is obvious that clients would not be received by me in dirty clothes, but I also pay attention to my own energy to make sure I am in the right space to offer not only professionalism, but calm and healing energy.  This requires a meditation process to facilitate mind, body and soul being in harmony.  Then I work to ensure the energy in the room is set to create a safe, welcoming space to enter.  This process takes around 30 minutes and I can tell you that odd times over the years when something has prevented this process, just as with the Reiki share group, people can feel the difference – including me! This is done before each and every new client or group activity.

This process is also the same for remote / distance healing and animal communication work.  In order to fully connect with the other soul it is important to remove any obstacles that are in the way.  I have an animal communicator friend who won’t set to work on a connection unless her house is clean and tidy.  This is because she knows that it will be more difficult to create the state of mental stillness required in order to connect, listen and understand the animal.

You think it’s just an hour?

Have a think next time you engage a healer or animal communicator.  This is not just about the time you are with them or they are connecting to you or your animal.  There will be preparations, possibly phone calls, writing up of notes and so on.  It’s never about the money, but in this day and age we all have bills to pay and food to buy.


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