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Over the many years I have been practicing Reiki word about this amazing gift has spread and many more people have now heard of it.  This is fantastic, but sadly there is a downside, it seems to be turning into a commercial venture for people with endless articles on ‘How to use Reiki to draw monetary wealth to oneself’ coupled with pictures of gold coins.  I have no problem with wealth, but this is not what Reiki is designed to do. We can use it to help all sentient beings and beyond. Wealth is not measured in currency, but the self. Are you happy? Are you kind to all living things? Are you grateful for your many blessings? Are you honest? These things make a person rich.

There are now rules being invented about not being allowed to give Reiki unless cash is exchanged.  I do not believe that this is what Usui had in mind, I believe that some kind of exchange is necessary and of course we all need to pay our way in the world, but sometimes gratitude or learning a lesson from the recipient is enough and sometimes when people or animals are in trauma the last thing on their minds is popping to the cash point.

So if you want to practice Reiki and especially if you would like me to be your teacher ask yourself some simple questions:

What is your motivation?  Is it to become a beacon of light in the world – to make a difference? Or is it because you think it is an easy way to make good money.  I can tell you now if this is your motivation Reiki will be taken away from you eventually.

Are you prepared for a rollercoaster ride?  When we undertake a life of the lightworker we have many lessons to learn and often to learn them we must undergo some harsh life experiences.  Many lightworkers have suffered from depression and breakdown and some truly traumatic life experiences that have broken them. Myself included.  Here is the silver lining in that particular cloud – when all the pieces are on the floor and slowly, very slowly start to come together again you realise that you have learnt the lessons that you needed to and you can move forward to raise your vibration and your inner light grows a little brighter.

Are you prepared to live a certain way?  Living an ethical life with your consumer choices will help you to become a good practitioner.  As your Reiki journey progresses you will become more and more sensitive to toxic vibrations whether that be in peoples’ personalities, chemicals in household cleaning products and food or if you are a meat eater (many people find they become drawn to a more plant based diet)  you will begin to need to eat meat that was ethically produced or you may find yourself feeling poorly.  If you drink a lot of caffeine and alcohol you will find that this negatively affects your connection with the Reiki energy.

The world is in need of people who practice loving kindness in it’s simplest form, there is no need for complicated rules, rituals and regulations.  Some rituals help to focus the mind, some regulations give a framework for ethical practice, but when a Master / Teacher has come up with many things to pass onto the student that are over complicated I believe they are coming from ego (making themselves feel important) and not the desire to send students out to use this very simple Universal life force that our attunements allow us to connect with on such a profound level.

We are all connected to the energy of the Universe and it was a healing experience that I had prior to being attuned to Reiki that led me on to this journey. Read about it here. Whatever your belief system it is my feeling that all lightworkers / healers are tapping into the same Source it is just that we all go about things a little differently.  There is no one CORRECT PATH it comes down to what resonates with your inner being and provided we all practice loving kindness to all sentient beings, the planet and the wider universe the world will be a brighter place, there is no room for EGO in the ‘religion’ of loving kindness.


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