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Why Choose me?  Am I the right person for you or your animals?

 If you are visiting this website then there is a good chance you are interested in the things that I do, you feel you want to try a Reiki treatment or perhaps some animal Reiki or you might be looking for a new way of being and feel that there is more to this life than you are seeing and feeling or it might be time to take a course. Then, dear reader, I am writing this post to help you decide if I am the right person to choose.

Whether you are looking for a teacher, healer, animal communicator or mentor.  We are all drawn to people who feel a good fit for us.  We are all individuals and I may or may not be your cup of tea!  So I thought I would write about how I work and if that feels good for you then I would be happy to chat with you to see how I may best be of assistance.

I work online and remotely all over the world and in person in Lincolnshire, UK.

 Firstly, I am the sort of person who has to experience something before I believe it and so my work is not only based on what I have learned from teachers, but based on my own experiences and validations.

I can offer a safe, calm space for you free from judgement; a welcoming compassionate environment.

Secondly, if you would like to train with me for Reiki or Animal communication then you need to expect a course that lasts over a period of weeks and that has homework in between lessons.  I like my students to have a confident and comprehensive knowledge of their chosen subject.

Thirdly, I have over 2 decades of experience working in healing and animal communication plus a qualification in canine behaviour.  I have worked with animals most of my life. You can find out how I began my own journey here.

Fourth, I am a down to earth kind of a gal.  Honest, straightforward and dedicated to my work, occasionally known to let slip a swear word!

So if you are looking for a dedicated, caring person with a wealth of experience who occasionally swears, but who will always go the extra mile whether you are student or client, human or animal then please get in touch.

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