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I have been a Dog Trainer and Behaviour Expert since the early 1990’s running my own behaviour and training practice for almost 30 years and working as a Canine Behaviour Consultant to a local veterinary practice during some of this time.  Over the years the way I work has changed and my method of ‘holistic dog training’ has organically developed.

Part of my everyday life and passion is the study of canine behaviour and canine / human relationships.

I am able to offer help with dog behaviour and training, whilst combining Reiki and Animal Communication, to ensure a kind, effective and peaceful way to help you and your dog.  I have deliberately called this ‘Holistic Dog Training’ as opposed to ‘Dog Obedience Training’ as this infers that in order to have a dog we are able to co-exist with happily, we in some way must force it to conform to obedience.  This is not the approach of Holistic dog training, these methods are based on a relationship of love and mutual respect, not to be confused with anthropomorphism.

“Lesley visited us at home to meet Frank and my daughters new baby. 
Frank was being over zealous around the baby and of course we were concerned.
Lesley gave us lots of information and worked with Frank.
I can honestly say the work that Lesley did and the tips she gave us have already transformed Franks behaviour
Both around the baby and with visitors. We still have work to do, but I have no hesitation in recommending Lesley and the work she does.
Frank is like a different dog already.”  Tracey.

Dogs have always have been a huge part of my life and I have been privileged to be the guardian of several beautiful and unique individuals for over 3 decades.

I now openly combine many years of learning and teaching Dog Training and behaviour, Reiki and Animal Communication to help owners live harmoniously with their canine friends.  This can often have an immediate and positive impact on their own stress levels and quality of life.

How can I help you and your dog/s.

Lower stress levels for both of you.

Help you to teach the dog what you expect of it.

Make walks a thing of pleasure rather than stress.

Help dogs cope better with separation.

Help with barking.

Help with aggressive behaviour.

House training.


In person and online appointments available:

1 session from  £ 40.00 

2 sessions from £ 76.00 save 5%

4 sessions from £144.00 Save 10%

6 sessions from £192.00 Save 20%

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