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Daytime, evenings, weekends.

Harmonise with your Dog Wellbeing Package save up to 20%

Find the space where you and your dog can be at one together. 

It is said that the dog is man’s best friend, but in our hectic modern lives very often our best friends have to cope without physical or spiritual connection with the humans whom they love.

The Harmonise package has been designed to give human and dog the time to just BE with each other and allow their relationship to strengthen and grow.

In these sessions you will get an insight into what makes your dog tick, you will learn how to connect with them on a spiritual, energetic level, there will be opportunity to try communicating with them telepathically.  Most of all though you will create a peaceful and sacred space for each other.

In person and online appointments available:

1 session from  £ 40.00 

2 sessions from £ 76.00 save 5%

4 sessions from £144.00 Save 10%

6 sessions from £192.00 Save 20%

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