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If you have browsed the content of this website you will know that I am an animal lover who has worked with dogs since the early 1990’s helping them and owners with training and behaviour problems.  It is no big surprise then that giving Reiki treatments to dogs is, for me, one of the best gifts that I can give back to an animal that has given me so much over the years.

With my canine behaviour background and time working in veterinary practice I feel that although I work intuitively I am also able to pick up on subtle body language signals and have some background knowledge on common health and well-being issues which helps me.

Depending on the dog I can work hands on, hands off or from a distance using a photograph.  Reiki can be beneficial for all sorts of problems and works well with conventional veterinary medicine or behaviour programmes. Here are some of the things that Reiki has helped in my doggy clients:  Joint pain and muscle tension, mental and emotional trauma and upset, recovery from surgeries, auto immune problems, the list goes on.

Some problems can be picked up on before the symptoms present themselves as in the case of the 6 month old German Shepherd puppy who I was visiting to help with training, I casually did an energy scan and picked up a hot spot on one of his hips.  I told his mum who was very open to such things and she, after some persuasion, got the vet to x-ray the hip. He showed signs of hip dysplasia.  With early intervention in the form of suppliments and a controlled exercise programme along with Reiki and an early onset of symptoms was halted.

Reiki is not a miracle cure or a replacement for veterinary attention it is an aide, a facilitator that I have also used on many occasions to make a dog’s passing more peaceful.