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pathway-to-the-lightMini meditations for tricky situations.

As a Reiki Master I use my breath a lot, I use it to send symbols into people, it automatically slows right down when I give  treatments and I deliberately slow it down and focus on my breath when I meditate.  So I know the importance of breath.

I thought I would share a recent experience with you that really brought it home to me how important our breath really is.  I was recently in a meeting, the room was full and as you will know if you work with energy you can tell quite a bit about people by picking up on their energy.  I found myself stuck in a toxic triangle with so much negative energy at my back and to my right that I felt my heartbeat quicken, my temperature raise and a general feeling of discomfort surrounded me. I thought to myself that my usual level of protection really needed a boost.  I have rarely encountered the feeling that the person sat behind me was giving off, but it wasn’t pleasant.

This was a great exercise in public, mini meditation.  I sat, I focused inward and I counted my breath in and out, I looked down at the papers in front of me and allowed them to go out of focus and counted and breathed until my heart rate slowed as I became less engaged with the room. No one noticed, to them I was reading my notes.  I then visualised a ball of Reiki hovering above me like an ‘energy style’ water balloon then I let the balloon open and the energy flooded over me from my head to my toes.  I asked it to stay with me throughout the meeting – which it did.  This whole process took just a couple of minutes or so and was enormously helpful and the person behind left the meeting early after a few unpleasant verbal outbursts.

This mini meditation method can be used for all sorts of situations at work, at home, on the bus anywhere where you feel negativity, anger or stress overwhelming you.  Just focus on your breath, slow it right down and use whatever visualisation feels right it could be a blanket, cloak or ball of energy – whatever you use must feel right for you. Just breathe and bring peace and love back into you again.


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