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Here are a few of the FAQs that I get asked most often with regard to my Animal Communication work.

  1. How do you understand what my pet is saying, they don’t speak in English?  The sort of communication we are engaging in is telepathic using the Universal language of the Soul.  Thoughts words and feelings are given to me and then converted into an understandable format.
  2. Can you just have a quick chat with my cat / dog / horse etc and tell them to stop doing something? No on two counts! Firstly the concept of a ‘quick chat’ implies that this is something akin to a coffee with a friend, it isn’t. It requires a meditative state and a clear mind. Subtle messages can’t make it through a traffic jam of my own thoughts. Secondly, it may be possible to find out why an animal behaves in a certain way then steps can be taken (usually by their human) to change the source of the problem.
  3. Can you talk to all animals?  No, it is possible to speak with any species of animal, however, not all animals will be open to communicate with humans or even just me as an individual.
  4. How do I know you are not just making it all up?  Along with information that could be found out if one had time to do some background research on the animal’s guardian, most communicators will receive validatable information that cannot be found anywhere else.
  5. Can you ask my pet specific questions?  Yes, but it is up to them whether they choose to answer, mostly they do though!
  6. Do you have to touch an animal to be able to communicate with it?  No, this is an energetic connection, so the animal can be in the same room, next street, another continent and sometimes in spirit. Most of my work is done remotely.
  7. What happens if my animal tells you something upsetting?  Many animals will share memories of previous experiences if those things are still impacting on the here and now and affecting the animal’s functioning in some way.  We are often shown scenes of abuse or given certain emotions that the animal would have experienced.  We give as much information as possible as delicately as possible.
  8. What is the point of Animal Communication?  To gain a greater understanding of our own or other animals so that we can help them – this work should always be for the highest good of all and the communicator should not be attached to the outcome. The work is to ‘listen, understand and make a difference’.
  9. Why can’t I do it?  You can!  Anyone is capable of communicating with an animal, however, this is something that through our hectic modern lives we have forgotten how to do.  The good news is with a little help you can remember how to do this.
  10. Can you diagnose what is wrong with my pet?  No, animal communication is not a replacement for veterinary care.  It is something that can help to get to the route cause of a problem.  An example of this was a dog that I spoke to who was being treated for pain in her hip, but the treatment was proving ineffective.  When I spoke with her she told me that her back was sore.  The vet then investigated further on the request of the guardian and with some acupuncture in the affected area the dog was helped.