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There is a lot to think about going on in the world right now, it is my belief that we are at a pivotal point in our evolution. This got me pondering about this university of life…..

What if the Earth was a university course?  Maybe we are on this planet that we call Mother just to learn.

What if we are all doing a degree course in happiness? Perhaps we are all on the same course, each individual experiencing it in their own unique way.

What if in the happiness degree we were to take modules on unconditional love and Oneness.  Perhaps if we came to realise that all life forms are connected unconditional love would not seem so unobtainable.

What if death of the physical body is graduation?  Some souls come to earth for a long time, some just a fleeting moment all for just the right amount of time for their journey this time around.  That is not to discredit the acute pain of loss felt by those who remain.

What if we don’t complete all the lessons?  Then we retake in another incarnation.

What if those around us are not doing the homework and are unkind, sad, angry, rude, vicious, greedy, controlling?  As this is a degree course in unconditional love, Oneness and happiness what do you think the studious amongst us should do?  We should meet all those lower frequency things with our higher frequency of love.

What happens if we don’t and we meet them with anger and hatred?  We lower our own vibe and have to re-take the module until we learn that all there is to make us happy is love.  Not the human to human hot steamy sex kind, but the light in me honours the light in you (Namaste) kind.

This may all sound a bit new age and woolly, but truly it isn’t.  It can be the hardest thing in the world to feel love for someone who has done terrible things whether that is a friend, family member, stranger or a whole collective such as a government.  If we hold on to anger, fear, hatred we are only really harming ourselves. When we get drawn into a fight on social media and we buy into the divisive tactics, we are lowering our own frequency.  When we mock someone that doesn’t align with our beliefs, we are lowering our own frequency.

As everything is connected energetically it shouldn’t be inconceivable to think that if enough people practiced unconditional love for everything starting with the Self, progressing to all living things including the planet and beyond then an energetic shift of great magnitude would take place.

Just imagine a world where governments didn’t start wars.

Just imagine a place where profits of big companies were not put before peoples’ best interests.

Just imagine a world where love was the lynch pin on which everything revolved. Wow! What a place that would be.

Just imagine the knock on effect of this.  10,000 children would not die every day on our planet from starvation because there is already enough resources to go round. Through unconditional love they could be distributed.

Through unconditional love no one would feel the need to be more important or richer than the next person because this is about raising people up and mutual support.

During the course we would learn that happiness is not about buying the latest smart phone, having a new car or a flashy house it is about standing where we are however that presents on any given day and finding the positive in it.  Again, not always easy, and I, like the rest of humanity, have had my dark night of the soul more than once.  The thing that has kept me going through some of those times is my unwavering faith that I am a spirit having a physical experience in the university of Life. I am a tiny part of something so much bigger.  Each new thing that presents is there for me to learn from, take what I need and discard the rest.

This does not mean that my feelings are never hurt or that I don’t experience pain, but when I see this life as a very small part of my existence, as a soul, those things don’t seem so insurmountable.  Even when we are devoid of human contact and relationships the Angels and our guides and helpers are just a prayer away.

Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation is when you listen.

Go well into this world and shine your light of love as bright as you can.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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