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A short message with a little help from my guides.

We are not black or white
We are Human
We are not gay, straight, Christian or Jew
We are individuals living our lives the best we know how
We are not able or disabled
We face our own individual challenges, I support you in yours and you support me in mine
We are sentient beings
We are not ‘Vaxers’ or ‘anti-Vaxers’
We simply want what is best for our bodies and those of our kith and kin
We are not ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘main stream’
We are just people seeking out the truth, as is our inalienable right to do
We are the family of The Earth, each one different yet the same
Blessed be.

When we cease to allow the divisive, labelling, behaviour of governments and media we come to realise that we are one species inhabiting a living planet with many other sentient life forms who require as much love and respect as we do.

We do not all share the same opinions, in fact it is from the spectrum of polarities that great things can be achieved.

Hold faith, hold love, hold light.

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