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It all started a day ago with a doodle that I did when I was talking on the telephone. 

I drew it and there it sat overnight on my kitchen table, I never gave it a second thought as I am an avid ‘doodler’.  This morning I sat at my table coffee in hand, I love my morning coffee!  Looking at the drawing wondering to myself why I drew that and then the voice said to me:

“Can you not see it?  Listen to the Oak.”

First WOW of the day, I looked and I saw an ear and an Oak leaf!  Then thought to myself how odd that I had picked up Oak leaves from the floor of the forest the other morning and brought them home with me and I had stood with my back pressed against the trunk of an Oak tree on that same walk.

As is often the case with these things this first step opens up a puzzle box and then one has to delve into the box and take out one piece of puzzle at a time!  And so I did.  I pondered, I asked for guidance and got it.  I said my thank yous and off I went to find my Celtic Tree Oracle card deck and pull out the Oak (Duir) card, number 7. The moment the card was in my hand it was vibrating and then I sat as somewhat of a bystander to the information that unfolded over the next hour.

I heard “Hello Lesley Grace, we are The Collective”.  Using my full name!  I remember thinking this is exciting, why me?  I then saw an energy matrix, exactly the same as the one I had seen in my dreams and meditations, running throughout the card.

I will list the unfolding here in chronological order:

The next to come was a seahorse – a symbol of strength, power and authority.

Then the unmistakable face of Geronimo.  I have been contacted over the last 18 months or so on occasion by this Native American spirit and have channelled his messages before.  This time the appearance I saw was as clear as a photograph and I now know why he showed me himself in this form.  I have found a picture that I will post below that is identical apart from the colours.  He smiled, he had a kind twinkle in his eye.  He stayed throughout the whole process, he is the keeper to the door of The Collective and I thank him for this.

The next to appear was a man with a beard and a sort of turban on his head, his first name was Melchior, he looked at me wisely and nodded,  I felt that this was perhaps the energy of one of the 3 kings from biblical times, but a search on the internet and I find that this was in fact Melchior Lorck, an artist from the 1500’s.  Clearly there is more to him than mere art work if he is a part of this group.  Perhaps as an artist his vibration is able to access my own and vice versa.  I have posted a picture below, I am yet to research him as I have never heard of him, but the image was unmistakably him!

Next to come was the word ‘warrior’ and then ‘night of sorrows’.  I then saw a man’s face, again as if it were a photograph. On looking up night of sorrows I find it was a battle for the city of Delores Hidalgo, a long and bloody battle, during the Spanish Conquest of Mexico.  Then there was the face I saw; Jeronimo de Aguilar, a Spanish Priest, turned slave, turned translator who remained pious all through his life despite temptations being deliberately placed in his path.  This was very interesting as I had been discussing the name Delores with a friend last week and it’s meaning which is sorrows.  The pieces of the puzzle coming together fragment by fragment.

Next was the unmistakable face of Ram Dass, but this time bathed in a golden light with the point in the middle of his brow shining brightly like a beacon of light.  With him came the image of a monkey.  I have found a painting and am yet to find out if the monkey holds further significance or if this was a marker for me to know I had the right person, a validation for me.  Spirit knows I am a stickler for validations!  I was surprised when I put the name Ram Das into the search engine to find the picture below, complete with monkey.  Another synchronicity was that just 7 (that number again!) days ago I had watched ‘Becoming Nobody’ a film with and about him.

Next was Socrates, he spoke these words “Fly on the wings of the Eagle”  I interpreted this as connecting with the Divine as I saw the Eagle soring towards the light.

A bat showed its image to me offering a symbol of protection and rebirth and just behind the bat was the image of Mikao Usui, who nodded and smiled.  As I am a Reiki Master I felt humbled to see him as part of The Collective, but no surprised.

Next to come was an image that I looked away from originally as it unnerved me a little, but it was persistent and so I asked the question: “Who are you, I am not sure about you?”  bit rude now I think of it but hey ho!  The imaged kept shifting between a horned head and a lion. The answer was strong, powerful and clear: “I am the lion, I am the dawn, the rising sun, creation I am renewal.  Khepri, Horemakhet.  Reseach has confirmed all this for me.  I sat wide mouthed looking at my computer screen!

Lady Nada appeared to me next, I instantly recognised her and heard her speak her name, she had flowers in her hair.  Lady Nada represents the unfolding of the rose of the heart, Aquarius and the children of the world.  This all makes perfect sense to me because of the times we are living in.  She has such a gentle loving energy.

Then more image shifting;  I first saw Jesus, then another who was not identifiable and who did not initially identify himself and so I asked ‘who are you please’ , the reply “Odin” then after the name Helios.  All coming through as the same vibration.  This also made sense to me as parallels can be drawn between all in this trio. The message that came from them is “I am all parts of the whole. I am He, the spark in the fire, the breeze, the feeling in the pit of your stomach.”  Then as an introduction gesturing to all: “We are The Collective, we are One, we are all that is now and ever shall be.  Give grace, Lesley Grace.  Things are evolving, Lesley Grace, you must become like the swan; glide, glide, glide.  Fear not, trust dear one.  Your work is important.”

And with that the card went ‘flat’ and they were gone – for now.  I feel that today was the day when we had a formal introduction.  I feel blessed and hope that others are able to connect to The Collective as they here to help humanity at this time.




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