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I channel relatively frequently, but publish what I receive rarely, however, this morning I channelled a message that came through with such unbelievable power it nearly knocked me off my chair.

I will tell you how it began:  I was given the words “We are the Collective” several times.  I then felt the energy of some Native americans and heard a drum beat, long slow and steady – Ok thought I, bit of a cliche!  I think these high frequency beings are used to my down to earth, somewhat blunt style by now!

It was after this in vision that appeared to be a swirling vortex of energy that I saw many, many others; Monks of varying faiths, shamans, priests, nuns (always a nun my guide, Sister Maria, sees to that), so many more separate beings and yet one blurring into the other forming what is an extremely powerful energy form.  Here is what was said to me from then; it is worth noting that their were others in the room as my voice was utilised by The Collective and they felt the power of this energy also.

“We are The Collective, we are Chiefs, Priests, Shamans, Wise women, what you call Witches and Wizards and spiritual leaders who have walked your earth through the ages. We see you, we see your earthly troubles we wish to work with you.

We are communicating with you, we want you to hear; listen for our bells in your ear, listen for our drums in your ear, feel the breeze of our breath on your face when you least expect it.

We are helping humanity for the highest good, we are with you, we are watching you, listen for us, just listen.

Raise your arms up to the sun and the moon. Call down the warriors of the light take their energy and hold it in your hearts, hold it there and then let it spill like an overflowing cup, touching all it comes into contact with.

Sing, sing loud and at the times when you feel not like singing, sing the loudest. That is all.”

I get the distinct impression that will not be the last I hear from The Collective.  It fills me with hope for our race and our planet.  This all may be a bit ‘woo woo’ for some and a few years ago I would have included myself in this, but I can tell you as I sit typing this some 4 hours later, positively exhausted, that this was no mere imagining.  It was one of the most, if not THE most powerful channellings I have ever done.

If you are an experienced practitioner, listen out for The Collective,  with their message it sounds like they are waiting for you.

The light will banish the darkness.

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