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“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.” – Anthony Douglas Williams.

I hope to answer some of your questions about Animal Communication here, but if I have missed yours please get in touch.  I have been communicating with animals all my life, however, as a child and young woman I assumed that every body did this.  When those more ‘grown up’ conversations began I came to realise that not only did everyone NOT do this, but to actually speak about getting messages from an animal had people running for the hills just in case my version of lunacy was catching!

Because of this I kept my mouth shut and for some time closed off the ability to access thoughts and feelings from animals.  The only thing that remained was the ability to spot a sick or injured animal from a great distance and in the middle of a herd.

I continued to pick things up from my own animals knowing if they were feeling unwell before any clinical signs manifested, this got me laughed out of the vets surgery on more than one occasion.  I recall one time when I told the vet that my dog felt sick and he asked how many times he had vomited to which my reply was zero.  When I told him I just knew, the vet sighed raised his eyebrows and told me to come back if my dog began to show any visible signs of illness and so I returned the following week with a dog who was in significant distress.

After I began working at a veterinary centre and had completed my Reiki Level 2 practitioner course, a series of events happened that led colleagues to ask me if I could help their animals by connecting with them and reluctantly I said yes – the weight of responsibility weighed heavy on me and still does at times.  When I witnessed the difference that it made to horses, cats and dogs I was blown away, but I continued to do it under the radar.  I was not ready to take on the nay sayers as I was already facing those with my healing work.  It was much later on that I took courage in hand and first wrote about the subject on my website and social media pages.

I am now at a stage in my life where what people think of me is far less important and animal communication has become more widely known and accepted.  Although the process is slightly less known.  Still people approach me with a picture or an actual (physical) animal, thrust it under my nose and ask me to have a ‘quick chat’.  I am afraid, that for me, this is not how it works.  This is a highly energetic process and I find it can be draining particularly where an animal has experienced abuse that they are trusting enough to share.  The old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” often rings true with this and once an animal feels heard and understood a healing process begins to take place. In such cases I will often follow up with remote healing sessions as this seems to help enormously.

After a successful communication people frequently comment that I have a gift, but this is a gift that we all have and many children are quite open about communicating with animals or loved ones in spirit until they are told that is imagination or even laughed at and then that particular gift gets wrapped up and put in a locked box.  The key to that particular box is completely within grasp and all that is needed to unlock the gift within is the desire to communicate with animals for the highest good.  Not to give them orders, not to ‘spy’ on their innermost thoughts, but to listen, understand and make a difference.  This is the most precious gift of all.

Some communications are long and clear, some are much more tricky.  This is not like a chat with a friend over coffee and cake.  Thought forms, feelings and whispers are given and some are left for the communicator to interpret. What is required is a stillness of mind in order to allow that process to happen.  If I am focusing on something else, I am unlikely to get a good connection.  It is like the difference between a good mobile phone signal and a bad signal area!

No two communications are the same and I always do two separate sessions with any animal.  I thought I would share with you some of the things that have cropped up in communications; these are all things that I have been given by animals and have been validated by their humans.

  • “My food has been changed – I don’t like it, it gives me wind.”  Yes, I did experience the gastro intestinal discomfort during the communication, with experience it is possible to know what belongs to me and what does not.
  • “My bed has been moved and it is now in a draught, I would like it on the sofa then I will go in it again.” The guardian was able to confirm that the bed had indeed been moved.  She moved it to the sofa and rang me 5 minutes later to say that the dog was happily resting in it now!  Listen – understand – make a difference!
  • “There is a man and he is unkind to me, he looks like this (detailed description was given).”  When fed back to the guardian it was the next door neighbour.
  • “This is what the pain in my hoof feels like.”  at this point I was given such and overwhelming pain in my hand, just as if a knife was going through it.  That gave a greater understanding of the problem.
  • “They keep treating my hind leg, but it is my back that is sore.”  A course of acupuncture at the vets in the back region and the dog was much happier.
  • “The man in the house plays too rough and it frightens me.”  This was the husband of the lady who I was feeding back to.  He did not realise that the dog didn’t enjoy the rough and tumble games.
  • “There is a spirit that sits in the arm chair in the room, that is why we sit by it, she likes dogs.” A photograph followed almost immediately of the two dogs sitting next to the ’empty’ arm chair.

These are some simple examples, sometimes the animal will highlight things that concern it about the humans, health issues or depression etc. they understand on a soul level much more that they are given credit for! Sometimes they trust enough to share some of the truly terrible abuse they have suffered at the hands of previous humans and sometimes they create a space for a relative or animal who is in spirit to step forward with a message.  Without being attached to the outcome we allow a space for the animal to share what is important to it.

I will listen, together with the guardian we will understand and then it is usually down to the guardian to make the difference.  Very often this can change the human / animal relationship and result in a happier animal.

So this is the gift.  Being able to make a difference to an animal’s life is a gift to be given and I feel very blessed that I am able to play a small part in helping them. Speaking in the universal language of the soul.

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