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Life is very topsy turvey at the moment with the Corona virus causing fear, restrictions on freedom and even toilet paper shortages!

What it is doing at this time is shining a spotlight on the things in peoples’ lives that are important, broken, that they like or dislike and I am no exception to this.

I am a healer,  I know the general consensus is that what we do does not define us, however, I am a healer and it defines every part of me and my life.  What the health problems of recent weeks have shown me is that I need to stop focusing on other aspects of my work and focus on the healing.  During the crisis I have been asked many times by people to send them healing, as I have done for many years before.  This can often be once they have reached a point of desperation and are willing to try anything.  Then they think of me; the slightly strange lady who does things that they do not understand, but ‘what the heck’ there is nothing to lose and so they give it a go.

All healing is done remotely at the moment and the responses I am getting from people are ‘well that was totally weird, but I felt stuff happening’ and ‘I am sleeping much better now thanks’ and ‘I could feel your hands on me even though we are miles apart and now my back doesn’t hurt!’

Why am I sharing this with you?  Because I would like you to know that I am here to offer remote healing on a what you can afford basis.  I set up an appointment time with you just as if you were coming to me for healing and ask that you sit or lay quietly and be open to receive.

The other reason I am sharing this is that although the other work that I have done has healing within it (the animal communication, the psychic readings and so on), the thing that I am constantly called to do is energy healing.  When I began doing this 20 years ago I knew I had come home, I knew I had a calling.

Can I cure the Corona virus if you get it?  That is unlikely.  Can I support your mind, body, emotions and spirit if you get it – highly likely. Can I help you cope with everything else that is going on, if you feel drawn to receive healing then, again, highly likely.  I am not going to make false promises that tell you I can cure all your ills and worries – not in one remote treatment – no.  But do not underestimate the power of energy healing.

So for here on I will concentrate on my work as an intuitive healer, a Reiki Master.  If you would like to try it then let me know.  But before you contact me please know that healing isn’t always about curing an illness it is about bringing balance and equilibrium and when this is achieved ‘dis-ease’ can fade away.

Love to you all at this time.

Lesley x

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