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I am often called a ‘weirdo’ by the nicest of people in the nicest of ways, with a smile and a giggle, and I go along with them reciprocating with a chuckle and agree with them that what I do for a living and a way of life is a little outside the ‘square’ box that most people are in.

Weird: Word Origin. “The adjective (late Middle English) originally meant ‘having the power to control destiny”  Oxford English Dictionary

This week I was called weird 3 times in 2 days and it got me thinking…..

  • Am I weird for knowing that the healing work I do helps people and animals?
  • Am I weird for connecting and communicating with an animal who gives me good validatable information so that their, human knows this process is genuine, before ‘telling’ me how something is upsetting them; something has changed in their life and they don’t like it; something could change and life would be happier / more comfortable etc.  Listening, understanding and making a difference to the animal and often it’s human too?
  • Am I weird for bringing through love and validatable information from loved ones in spirit or offering psychic guidance that people find healing, comforting or informative?
  • Am I weird for learning that happiness is a choice.  It cannot be found outside of ones own being.
  • Am I weird for knowing that there is so much more than this physical existence on this tiny planet?

Or is it the others who are weird for squeezing themselves into the ‘square’ box that our western society expects us to conform to instead of no box at all, no beginning, no end just a circle of infinite energy and possibilities.

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