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The beginning of February saw me take, what is for me, a big leap!  It really was a case of feel the fear and do it anyway.  I decided to go public with my Mediumship, you wouldn’t have thought that this was such a big step for someone who has been talking to spirit since I was a small child, worked with the spiritual realms for 20 years, is an animal communicator and someone who regularly connects with and receives messages for myself and others from spirit.  This is something I have wanted to do for most of my life, but especially after a trip to the world renowned Arthur Findlay College in 2017. You might well wonder why, given what I have just told you, it feels like such a big deal and I have spent much time thinking about this, I know I can do it, I have done it all my life, but along with putting myself out there comes the greatest of responsibilities, people have expectations, not all of them realistic, some people are vulnerable, some people are looking for answers everywhere apart from the one place that they should look which is deep within themselves and the big one for me when faced with a person online or in person; can I turn it on and off like a tap?

I am a confident Reiki Master and have helped more people and animals than I can remember with this gentle healing modality, I am happy teaching courses and workshops and I am a successful animal communicator so why do I feel the need to do something that seems to frighten me?  The answer is simple:  it is because it can be a very profound healing experience for people and when a strong connection is made the ability to pass messages of love and validations from spirit or psychic insights that may help  those still in the physical world is the most wonderful feeling.

As with all things in life the guidance comes at the right time and I was guided to ask for people to help me practice, I have been told that this period will come to an end on the 6th of June, but as yet have no idea why such a specific date!  This practice period will help me to maintain a good connection with both people and animals in spirit and above all it will teach me about working in this field with people in the physical world.  People are the most wonderfully diverse of creatures and each individual who has so far come forward for me to work with has been a teacher for which I am grateful, each one sharing a unique lesson.  Communication varies just as with animal communication also; sometimes it is crystal clear, sometimes it is a string of very subtle feelings, whispers and images a little like driving through a thick fog with ear defenders on.  I trust what I am receiving even if it cannot be placed by the receiver at the time.

As the weeks evolve I trust that along with the ever growing education my confidence of being able to work facing a person will grow and so I shall continue on the path that I know is the right one and practice, practice, practice!

I feel blessed that this is my journey and I want people to know that love bonds never die, it is only the physical body, and that loved ones are merely a whisper away for them to connect with, without the need for a third party.

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