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Reiki is a beautifuly simple and transformative thing to give and receive. I have practiced Reiki for just sort of 20 years and have been a Reiki Master / Teacher since 2006. My initial learning was somewhat patchy so in the early days I literally worked by intuition and as I furthered my study of the subject I discovered that what I was doing was exactly what was written in the books that I was reading! I was overjoyed and felt very privileged that I had been guided so well from my team in spirit.

I took my Master training with a different person and found her teaching much more comprehensive, but I always felt that the Western style Reiki I had been taught was somehow over-complicated. Still beautiful, still profound and still effective, but a lot of ‘faffing’ particularly in the attunement process. Also very little emphasis was put on what being a Reiki Master is about.

Being a Reiki Master not simply about giving attunements, it is to become Reiki, it is a commitment to a way of being, living by the 5 Reiki Precepts and creating a deeper connection to ‘The Great Bright Light’.

Over the years I modified my practice to find what worked best for me and found that I had quite organically simplified my practice. A few years ago I discovered the work of Frans Stiene (International House of Reiki) it was a big revelation for me. He was teaching about original Japanese Reiki as Developed by Mikao Usui. Some of the things he was teaching I was doing with the guidance of my Reiki spirit guide, a Japanese man called Mr Okada and some were brand new to me and it really felt like the missing pieces of my ‘Reiki jigsaw’ were fitting into place.

I am now at the stage where I feel I can confidently say I now teach original Japanese Reiki, of course I am still learning, we all are. If we think we know it all it is merely our ego playing tricks on us.

I now embark on the 3rd re-write of my Reiki manuals. These are quite different from the original documents that I began working with all those years ago.

I am also developing a way of using Reiki with a Pyramid that gives the recipient an intense soul level experience and seems to forge a strong connection with the Divine.

Now I have returned to Japanese Reiki at its roots this does not mean that the healing that I have given and the teaching I have done to date was inferior, nor are all the other forms of Reiki and different teachings that are available, as all of these are facilitators to connect us to the Great Bright Light (Divine).

Many of Usui’s orignal teachings were lost to the Western world for a many years after the second world war, when America took control of Japan. For a long time Mrs Takata and the Masters she trained were the only authority and it appears there were some inaccuracies in some of her stories, however, Usui’s organisation still existed in Japan albeit very low key and many dedicated people have made it a life’s work to uncover and share the original Japanese Reiki teachings.

If you are interested in learning the original teachings of Japanese Reiki, how Usui taught it then please get in touch. Further resources are:

Frans Stiene : The International House of Reiki

Grenville Williams: One World Reiki

Zahra’a Lafal : Healing Pillars

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