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I am very excited to be introducing this form of healing as I have found it to be significantly different from the Usui Reiki that I have practised for many years. That is not to say that any of the other Reiki ‘types’ are any less important. Each one plays an vital role in the field of energy medicine.

Working with the Pyramid and Reiki energy is proving to be a powerful and transformative experience. The higher frequency allows alignment with the Brow and Crown chakras and amplifies the healing energy. It allows the participant to access higher realms and a higher level of consciousness.

The energy within the pyramid is able to transmute negative energy and energy blocks to a higher, lighter vibration. Here is what people have experienced.

  • A feeling of being loved
  • Euphoria
  • Access to higher guidance
  • Angelic presences
  • More profound meditations
  • Letting go of what no longer serves
  • A feeling of connectedness and wellbeing
  • An improvement in physical ailments
  • Past lives
  • Feeling lighter

Pyra’ is from the Greek word Fire and ‘Mid’ is Latin for Mede, which means middle. “Fire in the Middle.” This pyramid is an exact replica of the Giza pyramid and it’s very precise made 51.83° slope angles . It has a Lapis Lazuli Orgonite at the top of the apex which enhances the pyramid’s capacity to bring balance to those working within it. Other crystals are placed at each corner of the space that are appropriate for each individual.

This is high frequency healing and therefore Pyramid Reiki would not be offered as a first experience of Reiki.

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