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It is very easy as teachers when we have amazing insights, shared experiences with our students that blow our minds to begin to think that we are somehow special. Indeed those students often tell us this. The trap that would be easy to fall into is one of the Ego, Dr Wayne Dyer described this as an acronym for “edge God out”. We begin to think that our way is the only way, our teachings are the only teachings, our version of God, Source, Universe etc is the only version and the correct version. It is a dangerous trap to fall into as once we begin thinking this way then those who teach differently are perceived as somehow inferior or wrong. When we feel this human nature dictates that we must highlight it to others. Not realising as we go that it is our ego that is demanding nurture. This in turn breeds fear and hatred.

A very prominent spiritual practitioner who helped many people with her courses, writings and products has recently had a change of spiritual direction and is falling into the trap of decrying all those thousands of people who once she supported. The ripple of negative vibration that this is sending out is palpable. She, of course, is quite entitled to have changed her own spiritual pathway, to forward her journey, her learning. But this is where it should end.

The place we must come from is a place of LOVE not ego and this must be love without condition or expectations – Just LOVE!

This is an excerpt from Dancing the Dream by Jamie Sams:

“……….energetic boundaries can be destroyed also by enlightenment traps that are quite seductive. It is fairly common for some people on the fifth path to believe that they have discovered the way the universe works and that the path the follow is the best way to reach spiritual awareness. This is an enlightenment trap. The mind constructs a foundation of ideas, allowing those people to evolve to a certain level of mastery, but no further. The false ideas, which created an inability to move forward are based upon all that they have experienced on that path. The misconceptions, rigid rules, fixed ideas or expectations of what will follow are the stumbling blocks along the way. The mind’s formulations are misconceptions have created side roads that can dead-end or become so convoluted that these people get tangled in a self-created web of illusion or deceit.

I observed a group of seven people who believed that their system of spirituality was so unique that others should train with them for years and pay them big bucks. This group of people fell into third-path traps of defending their teachings by attacking others who seemed to have the same information. These other teachers were unwanted competition. Th group used cheap hexes and shamanic sorcery to intimidate and send harm to the other teachers. This group also fell into a fifth-path enlightenment trap of exaggerating their powers and their experiences. They lied to others of goodwill who were sponsoring their workshops, and while in this imbalances condition, they continued to explore the Dream Weave out of body techniques.

The mentally created worlds that they encountered and experienced as being truth were no more than their mind’s machinations, which were created by their own lack of impeccability. Then they taught others the principles of these mental dead-end states of awareness. Calamity followed with one ‘Coyote’ lesson after another. The enlightenment trap was sprung …..”

Fellow light workers, let us shine our light without ego, but with love. Let us be sure not to fall into the trap and ‘edge God out’!

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