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I have been working with a little rescue dog – a dear little soul, who has some challenging behavioural issues that have been frustrating his guardians.  This little chap has been badly abused at the hands of his previous humans and because of this is very nervous and quite reactive.

I have been helping his Mum to build his confidence and begin to shorten his periods of noise, particularly in the home as he is very worried about unfamiliar people coming in or approaching his house.  

At my follow up appointment saw a great improvement, his Mum had been working very hard to help him now that she has the tools.  This was good enough, but his Mum felt that he would like Reiki.  I told her we could certainly offer it to him to see if this would be something that he would accept.

This is where the Reiki magic begins!  He sat on her lap as I ‘got in the zone’ I then placed my hands near to him, there was no fear of my hands simply inquisitiveness, as I drew my hands a little closer this increased and as many animals do he licked my hands to further discover what the new sensation was.

He then placed his head on the crook of his Mum’s arm and closed his eyes, very slowly I placed my hands on him, he remained relaxed.  This was the first time that someone outside the immediate family had ever been able to touch him. This was his first taster of Reiki and certainly won’t be his last.  

It fills my heart with such joy that I can incorporate traditional positive dog training techniques and behaviour modification along with Energy medicine to help dogs get the best from their lives.

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