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Sitting with a cup of tea after hosting a very enjoyable, ‘Reignite Your Reiki’, workshop on Saturday, I was pondering, as one does, and thought to myself:  “I seem to be working with as many humans as animals at the moment.”  I felt quite philosophical about it and trusted that all was as it should be even though my animal work has dominated my life.  It doesn’t, matter I enjoy it all!

Watching people release pain and suffering and begin their journey to self-healing that enables them to make changes in their lives, is very rewarding.  however, as you may (or may not) know by now, animals are my absolute passion and sharing Reiki with them, for me, is better than chocolate, wine or anything else!

Weekend ponderings over and Monday morning appeared with its usual haste.  I went about my normal day answering emails left over from the weekend, walking dogs then off to meet with some beautiful people, mostly healers themselves.  As I was preparing to leave the meeting one of the ladies came dashing back in and shouted “Lesley, you are needed!  It’s a horse!”  Sure enough there out on the street with its rider was a large and very pretty horse.  She was seeking some healing to go alongside her veterinary care.  I felt that the Reiki made quite a difference to her, but that she would need further very regular sessions to help with the emotional block that was causing the physical problem.

On Tuesday it was mostly dog behaviour and then Wednesday! Probably to be renamed WOW WEDNESDAY! I went to a dog agility class for seniors with a friend and every single dog that was there approached me for healing on some level or another.  One came in looked at me and communicated to me that he had a sore place on his back and with the joy of synchronicity the opportunity perfectly presented itself to speak with his guardian about this.  Another came to me 3 times presenting her hip, back and elbows for me to lay my hands on, she couldn’t have been any clearer had she been able to speak English.  Then there was quite a magical 3 way communication.  A dog came in and immediately ‘clocked me’ and made me aware that he was a little tense and that this was a response to his guardian and her life circumstances at the moment, later on I went and stood next to him and he immediately came to me for a little gentle and calm touch.  As we were speaking after the class the lady, quite spontaneously, chatted asking me if I thought that the energy of a person could affect a dog – Oh yes, it sure can!

The conclusion that I take from this is that I have been heard.  The message I take from all of it is that my animal work is just as important as it’s ever been, but it is a joy to work with people also!  Never before have I had so many animals (not their guardians) approach me for healing in such a short space of time.

When I first experienced giving a healing to an animal back in 2001 I had never heard of Reiki, however, I realised that this was a calling and when this happens you truly understand the expression ‘made my soul sing’ because that is just what it feels like.  I went on to train in Reiki and all these years later it still makes my soul sing – I love what I do and it still excites me as much today as it did when I was considerably younger!

*Please note that Reiki is not a replacement for veterinary care.

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