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The title ‘Spiritual Dog Training’ may sound a little wacky to some.  I can assure you now, I will not meet your dog sprinkle magic fairy dust on it in order to fix all of it’s problems!

This is a system that has taken many years to formulate.  After studying the relationship between people and their dogs and being privileged to have communicated with many canine companions I have gained a much higher level of understanding of what feeling, thinking complex beings they (and indeed all animals) are and how in tune with their family’s health and emotions they can be. So it became obvious to me that the best way to help dogs and their guardians would be to combine everything that I am qualified to do in order to achieve the best outcome for the animal and its family.

It is not always necessary to combine training / behaviour techniques, Reiki and Animal Communication together, sometimes all that is required is straightforward behaviour modification practice to solve a problem using methods that have been scientifically studied, are effective and based around an understanding of the dog, love and respect. However, if there is a deeper underlying cause to a behaviour employing an energetic healing technique such as Reiki or opening a link to directly communicate with the dog can be extremely helpful.  If you would like to know more about how Animal Communication works here are some FAQ’s click here.

A clear example of how the method of Spiritual Dog Training has benefited a whole family was a little Terrier cross that I visited who was displaying some quite nervous and potentially dangerous behaviour.  She had been rescued from abroad and had been through a very traumatic time.  Her new family were loving and dedicated to her rehabilitation.  We worked on her behaviour with some improvements, but she had a long way to go.  I discussed Reiki with her family and her mum already knew about it and was keen to give it a try for the dog.  At first she was very nervous of the sensation, however, after taking a very gradual and gentle approach she came and lay at my feet and totally relaxed, it is a joyous feeling when any animal lets out a huge sigh, they are letting go and going into a deep state of relaxation and this is where the ability to heal is generated.  She remained very relaxed for a day or two and her behaviour was significantly improved, but then when I visited the following week she had taken quite a big backwards step.  I was able to gain a connection with her which allowed certain information that was troubling her to be communicated.  There was arguing in the family, it reminded her of her first home where the man was violent toward his wife and the little dog and it was distressing her.  It is always a challenge relaying this kind of information to a guardian where their behaviour is directly effecting the dog, but I did and was met with a dropped jaw and confirmation that their had been quite a few very heated arguments between two family members.  With that knowledge they were able to make a difference to their own behaviour which in tern had a beneficial outcome for the dog.

Positive Dog training, Reiki and Animal Communication – a marriage made in heaven!

Please note that any of the components of ‘Spiritual Dog Training’ is not a replacement for veterinary care.

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