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I like many others perform distance healing treatments to those who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend in person.  To the average bloke in the street this seems like a harmless, but pointless activity and for some it is just too weird to wrap their heads around!

I am going to tell you tell you a little bit about what a distance healing is like for me and the feedback that I have had from recipients.  Each practitioner will approach this in a slightly different way.  This is absolutely fine there is no right or wrong only the desire to help another being for their highest good with no attachment to the outcome, is all that is required.  How one arrives at this is merely incidental, you don’t need to be initiated into Reiki to send healing to someone, but from my experience it helps as this is a way for us to tap into an energetic connection that was always there but, through the way we lead our modern lives, has been forgotten.

Firstly, here’s the thing; everything is made up of energy and this energy does not have a distinct cut off point.  Healers work at expanding their own energy and are able to channel it to a particular thing, usually a person or animal who requires help either for physical or emotional reasons.

There are many complicated techniques and rituals in Reiki to allow a person to send healing from a distance and these are fine if it helps the practitioner focus their intentions, but it can be a very simple process of emptying the mind of thoughts, connecting to Rei-ki, holding in your mind the recipient and sending healing for the highest good with the highest intentions.

Here is the translation of Reiki from the Reiki Sourcebook – Frans & Bronwen Stiene

It is written with two Japanese kanji, meaning ‘spiritual energy’.  Here are some literal translations from Japanese dictionaries:  Rei, a spiritual entity believed to exist within or without our physical body. The soul. Spiritual. Sacred, divine and miraculous.  Departed spirit.  That which possesses an infinite power.  An invisible and wondrous power of the Source of it.  Reverence, sacredness, blessing.  Ki is something unseen, atmosphere, vital energy, vapour, breath.  The energy of the universe.

It is thought that the first kanji was left out of the early western translations as it was more appealing for people to be hands on healing as opposed to a spiritual practice.

We can use symbols, chants (kotodama), draw complicated mandalas, but if we are not in the correct heart space then these will be of little use.  The longer I practice this the more I realise these practices are not about what you do, but the intention with which you do them.  If those things help you to prepare to be in the right heart space then this, of course, is the correct path for you to follow.

Sending distance healing can be a very profound thing for practitioner and recipient alike.  I have sent distant healing to more people and animals than I can recall, but here is a little selection of my experiences to give an overview on what a beautiful thing this can be.  All names used have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Life changing accident:

Peter was an athlete, a very fit man who had spent his life competing and training others.  He sustained a terrible injury when a sharp object literally went right through him in his lower abdomen area.  His life hung in the balance.  Peter’s wife asked me to send healing to him, I asked permission of his higher self and from the outset the connection on a higher level was very strong.  I was able to know how he was feeling, what emotions he was experiencing, I was shown a tattoo that he had on his back which bore some significance.  I sent Peter healing several times a day, each time letting his wife know and while she sat by his bedside she watched a calm envelop him and he slept.  She could see a change occurring.  This is not the stuff of movies here, he did not leap out of his hospital bed proclaiming that he was healed! Peter had a long road to recovery and many distant and one hands on healing sessions, however, the healing enabled him to begin to heal himself, it calmed his panic and fear and helped to give him the will to get better.  This injury will have changed his life forever, but I have no doubt that the path he walks now is exactly where he is meant to be.

Passing peacefully for a dog:

I was asked to send healing to a German Shepherd dog, Bob.  He had undergone major surgery for a tumour on his spleen and was very poorly.  Quite naturally his guardian wanted the healing to help him make a full recovery as she loved him very much.  It would not have been wise for me to have such an attachment to the outcome as this was not Bob’s pathway.  I connected with Bob many times over several days and he went from very frightened and in a state of stress to a much calmer dog, so much so that his guardian believed that he would make a full recovery, however, I felt that this may not be so.  For my last healing session with Bob, I sat crossed legged in a chair, it was 10:30 at night, I focused my intention and made a connection with him.  I felt that his physical energy was very low and then something happened that I had not experienced quite in this way before; I saw an angel standing over him, wings outstretched and enveloping him in a bright white light.  I felt my own connection with the healing energy fade and went to bed.  During the night I had a vivid dream that Bob visited me, said thank you and went on his way again.  The very next morning I received a message from his heartbroken guardian letting me know that he had passed away peacefully in his sleep.  For me this was a profound and beautiful experience.  I had been called upon to aid his passing.  For his guardian there was great sadness and grief for her loss.

Doggy with a tummy ache:

The phone rang one evening, it was a lady I knew well.  “You have to help Doris, she has a very bad upset tummy and the stuff the vet gave her just isn’t helping, she is very poorly.”  So no pressure there, I thought to myself!  I told her that I would try, but, as ever, there are no promises or guarantees.  I set to work and made my connection.  Immediately I got quite severe pain in my tummy, but I knew it was not mine to own, merely a signpost for me to understand.  I focused the energy first on the area of her abdomen and felt it get to work.  We must have stayed this way for around 20 mins and then things drew to a close.  I called the lady to ask how things were looking and she told me that the dog had let out the biggest sigh she had ever heard and then fallen into a deep sleep where she still was.  The next morning she rang to say that the dog was back to her happy self.  Phew!  Did I heal the dog?  NO!  I was able to tap into Reiki (high vibe) energy, direct it to the dog to receive if wished so that she was able begin to heal herself.

In all these cases the healing recipients were under the care of conventional medical practitioners, the healing was not to replace, but assist for the highest good.  Most healers get a call as a last hope for people who have tried everything else.  This is beginning to change a little over time though.

Our world is a relatively small thing in the scheme of the bigger picture and therefore it would not matter if a person was living next door or thousands of miles away we all have an energetic connection.  This is the meaning of Oneness, each person, animal, tree, blade of grass is in some small way connected to the other.  When we think good things or negative things those thoughts all carry a vibration that then becomes part of the energy around us.

Distance healing isn’t ‘woo-woo’ it is basic Quantum Physics when you get down to it.  People who offer this aren’t extra special people they are people who have tapped into something that is sitting there available for everyone.  When groups of people get together and set their intentions on the same thing it can be extremely powerful, but the best power is that of unconditional love.

“There is no greater power in Heaven or on Earth than pure, unconditional love. The nature of the God force, the unseen intelligence in all things, which causes the material world and is the centre of both the spiritual and physical plane, is best described as pure, unconditional love.” Dr Wayne Dyer

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