By appointment

Daytime, evenings, weekends.

Dates to be confirmed.  This is a 2.5 hour mini workshop.  If you have a club or group of friends I am happy to give this to them either where they meet or in someone’s home (South East England only).

Everybody wants to be happy, but this can sometimes be a challenge in our society.  We have work pressures, we are expected to look our best at all times (or what society perceives as our best!), then we are supposed to have the perfect ‘magazine lifestyle’, not to mention maintaining relationships with loved ones (or sometimes NOT so loved ones!)

Happiness can be hard to come across.  Find out about Spiritual Happiness Coaching and the concept of a happiness ladder, that will help you to ‘stay on top’ of life!

Half day and evening workshops are planned – dates will be released soon.

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