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I walk my dogs in a local woods several times a week come rain or shine.  I use the time to feel part of nature and practice mindfulness.  This morning was a rare treat as my grown up daughter called to ask if I wanted to walk together along with my little granddaughter.  I jumped at the chance and off we set for the woods with all the paraphernalia that goes with babies and multiple doggies!

We were coming to the end of our walk when a lady shot out of a side path shouting at us to help her.  Her friend had had a nasty fall some way down a very narrow tree lined path.  Naturally we followed the lady and her dogs with ours in tow until we reached an elderly lady who was on the floor with blood pouring from her head.  On close inspection the lady had a very large open wound on the left side just above her eye, the blood was profuse as the lady took blood thinning medication.  I took the scarf from her neck, folded it into a pad and I placed it on the cut applying some pressure while my daughter rang for an ambulance.

The lady’s daughter was contacted and I made my way up to the car park at the woods to wait for her and the ambulance while my daughter stayed with the lady.

As I mentioned I walk the woods very often and know almost every inch of them, often walking down the quiet deserted paths so that I can stop, listen to the bird song, the breeze singing through the trees and yes occasionally hug a tree without being disturbed! I never see any Forestry Commission works vehicles, but today as I reached the top of the ‘twiddley’ path at that precise moment a truck with two Forestry workers appeared, I flagged it down and one of them got out of the truck, he grabbed a large first aid kit and as it turned out was very well trained in first aid!

What an amazing coincidence you may say!  I can’t buy into that.  I asked for help and help appeared, what a joy!  It often isn’t quite as obvious as this, but I have had too many of these happenings in my life for them to be mere coincidences.  The more I live my life in gratitude and piety the more ‘coincidences’ happen.  And so I send out my heart felt thanks to my guides, the Universe, Angels, God, All that is or any other name you may be familiar with.

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