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I want to share with you some of the experiences that I have had working with Reiki.  The first one is about a young dog who was about to lose his front leg. I will call him Bob.

It was 2002 and I was working at a veterinary practice in East Sussex.  I was a level II Reiki practitioner and having the time of my life practising on some of the patients, with the permission of the vet.  The Vet’s dog, Bob a Whippet, had a nasty accident and injured his front leg quite badly, it was operated on; it didn’t heal; it was operated on again; it didn’t heal after all manner of treatments were given, still the leg got worse.

The vet was due to go overseas for a month and I had volunteered to look after his two dogs, as you may know dogs are my ‘thing’ and a couple of extras added onto my 4 did not phase me!  The other vet was under instructions that Bob’s leg would probably have to be amputated whilst his dad was away.  I took Bob in for him to be examined and the other vet concurred that an amputation was going to have to happen later in the week.  At this point I begged him to give me 2 weeks to see if I could do anything for the dog.  He agreed to humour me.  I gave him Reiki morning and night and a great deal of TLC and almost immediately I began to see an improvement, not just in the leg, but in the way the dog was coping mentally with the injury.

My two weeks was up and I took Bob to work with me, the vet put him on the examination table and gave me the sort of smile that people give you when they are trying to tell you in a nice way that you are a ‘deluded, weirdo, hippy’!  He removed the dressing from the leg and the wry smile fell straight from his face and his mouth dropped open as he looked at a leg with a nasty scar, but nothing else.  At this point I indulged my ego and danced around the surgery singing ‘I told you, it is real’ (I was younger then)!  To say the vet was gobsmacked was an understatement and when Bob’s dad returned home expecting to find a 3 legged dog he was also flabbergasted.

I truly believe that this was meant to be in order to teach two men who were very routed in science and conventional medicine that there is more to life than science has been able to explore at this time.

Reiki can’t save the leg of every dog who is facing amputation and is not a replacement for veterinary care, but even if it can’t solve the presenting problem it can help with healing and the adjustment process.

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