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I have always been a bit different from the norm as a child I would sing hymns to God in the garden, chat to Angels in my bedroom and talk with creatures that I collected outdoors while playing!  It wasn’t until I started working with dogs that I found I seemed to be more ‘in tune’ with their feelings both physical and emotional than other folk.  AND THEN…. I was attuned to Reiki and a whole other world began to open up.  In the early days I had no control of what was happening and was often woken in the early hours with as many voices telling me things as my brain could cope with.  It was like waking up in Victoria train station at rush hour!

Having witnessed my journey so far and been part of my experience with Button the cat a very dear friend asked if I could help her horse.  He was out on loan and was supposed to be competing, but despite success in the past he was not getting on at all well.  His behaviour was quite a challenge, he had always been a spirited horse but not like this; they couldn’t do a thing with him.

My friend came to me and said “Darling you have to talk to Chris, (the horse) find out what is wrong with him.”  I said that I would try, but couldn’t promise anything – I had never met him so asked for a photograph and sat with the picture between my hands, connected to Reiki and waited.  Firstly thoughts began to drift into my head, thoughts of being sad, stressed and unhappy and I instinctively knew that the thoughts were attached not to me but the horse.  Then I saw pictures of the horse being forced to do things that he was not comfortable with.  I knew that he wasn’t in the right place for him.  I told my friend all this and being a very proactive person she got straight down to action and found a new place for him and retired him from competition.  His behaviour immediately changed back to his old self and he lived a happy life for the rest of his days.

Since this experience many years ago I have had the privilege of communicating with other horses, dogs and cats both whilst visiting them and remotely through photographs.  One thing this has taught me is not to underestimate the range of emotions that an animal can experience and how, just like us, those emotions can affect their physical wellbeing.

Reiki opened up this part of me and I consider it to be the most wonderful gift that has been given me to use in the best way I know how.


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