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animal-reiki-dogI have a passion for animals – all of them! Therefore I feel so privileged to have been able to work with them for so many years.  I have met some beautiful animals in my life many who have taught me important lessons.

As a child growing up in England in the 1970’s I was enchanted by TV shows like Animal Magic with the late great Johnny Morris and my absolute favourite were the tales of Yorkshire vet James Herriot that were adapted into a television series.

I had to make do with imaginary dogs and horses whilst growing up, but I was able to go horse-riding at a local stables. From an early age I knew it was my destiny to help animals.    I was going to be a vet!  This, however, never quite happened a stunning horse called Carlos had different ideas, he changed the path of my life forever when he threw me and I landed with my spine across a fallen tree.  I never really managed to return to school properly after the age of 13 and so Veterinary practice was out of my grasp.

I will share some animal reiki case studies with you another day, but I would like to tell you how Reiki can help with all manner of health and emotional / mental problems with all animals.  I have treated wild birds, Guinea Pigs, Mice, a Bat, Dogs, Cats and Horses and I am sure some that I have not listed.  On more than one occasion I have used Reiki to allow an animal to pass away in peace rather than fear and panic.  I have connected with horses remotely who have been displaying problem behaviours and have been able to get to the route of the problem, sending them Reiki as I went, the first time this happened I was able to find out that a horse was being pressured into competition whilst out on loan using harsh methods and he could not cope with it.  I told his owner what I had found, she visited him and found this to be true, she moved him to a happy stable with no pressure and he stopped his challenging behaviour.  I have said before that this energy and process blows my socks off and this was definitely one of those occasions!

Of course Reiki is not a replacement for veterinary care, but a fantastic compliment to it, it can help all animals with pain, stress, trauma and so much more.  Many animals will accept hands on treatments and it is a joy to watch them receive the energy with a huge sigh, just letting go and bringing them back into balance.  Some will prefer hands off sessions and some can be helped by just ‘tuning’ into them – my preferred method for this is with a photograph.  Animals will know when they have had enough and it is important for the practitioner to respect this.

As I am trained as a canine behaviour specialist, I have a particular passion for treating dogs.

If you would like more information  on Reiki for animals please get in touch.




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