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heart-for-orlandoI want to write, I want to show my solidarity with the global LBGT community after what happened in Orlando, but how can I find words to express the feelings that such an atrocity provoke?  We are all part of ONE race – the HUMAN race and as such there should be one true ‘religion’ that we all follow and that is ‘Love and Acceptance’ of our fellow human beings.  We are all human regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation and as such we are equal.  What matters in this life is how we live it.  We should all be practitioners of LOVING KINDNESS.

Anything that fuels hatred for another sentient being must be, at best misguided, at worst just plain wrong. It is very easy when faced with groups of people who cause others such pain to allow it to fill us with anger, hatred and a need for vengeance, but if we give way to this then we lower ourselves to their level.  In the spiral of hatred there is only one direction and that is downward.  If we target particular members of our communities purely based  on their religion in the name of vengeance and justice then we become promoters of the evil that we all condemn.

Love is stronger that hate, let us band together as the human race and show this to the minority who seek to promote such warped ideals.


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