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Do you ask for guidance from God, Angels or Spirit Guides and don’t seem to get any?

god-on-facebookThe other day I was chatting to someone who had been through a truly terrible time with her health and had been failed by an army of doctors.  The subject of divine guidance and intervention somehow entered the conversation and a huge amount of bottled up anger and emotion immediately  spilled from this young woman.  She told me that she had asked for help and prayed so many times and nothing had happened and therefore, there was no such thing other than the physical that we see and experience in everyday life.  This was her opinion on the situation which, of course, she is completely entitled to.  Here is my take on her story:  One day a friend of the young woman had a flash of inspiration and directed her to another medical facility where she found a doctor who would listen to her and did not put her down as a hypochondriac, he referred her to a specialist hospital in London where she had the tests she needed followed by the correct treatment and she made a full recovery – her illness, if left, would have been life threatening!

Who gave the friend her flash of inspiration? It may have come from her own head or she may have been guided by ‘divine’ energy. Having spoken to her friend I know that she had asked Spirit for help for her friend many times.

I tell you this story as I believe that people often ask for guidance but miss the signs when it comes to them, they expect experiences of Biblical proportions and this rarely happens. When you have asked for help be on the lookout for it, the chances are it will not be what you are expecting and sometimes things seem to get worse, it is only when you are able to reflect that you realise if the challenging thing hadn’t happened you would still be stuck where you were.

I often ask for guidance and strangely I have noticed recently that where I have asked for answers to a particular question when I am browsing social media I will find an article that answers exactly what I have been wanting to know more about.  Despite the title of this article I am not suggesting that a Supreme Being is hearing my questions, getting their laptop and typing an article just for me!  What I am suggesting is that my guides and helpers are hearing me and directing me to the right place at the right time.

Animals are often sent to us whether in the form of domestic pets or as happened to me recently an encounter with a Robin who, when I go outside, will come right up to me and stay with me the whole time, he will often greet me when I get out of my car – that’s just a tame Robin I hear you cry!  Maybe, but the comfort that dear little creature has brought me at times when life has been presenting a challenge is immeasurable.  So I firmly believe that he was heaven sent.

Some of the things to look out for when you have asked for help from God as you know him are;  hearing a song on the radio that you haven’t heard for years that carries great meaning for you, coins appearing in odd places (for me this just means ‘I am with you’), a friend calls at exactly the right time or you bump into someone who you haven’t seen in a while who offers you comfort, interesting articles springing up on websites or social  media sites that you are looking at and if you meditate pay heed to those messages that pop into your head and then float away again.

Keep you mind, your eyes and your ears open and you may find your answers.

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