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be-the-changeMost of us want to live in a world where there is no conflict over lands and religions, most of us want to live in a world where there is no crime, no hate, just love.  Of course we are human and as such we have flaws and so while this kind of world is achievable it is highly unlikely to happen certainly in our lifetimes.  But here is the thing it can start with YOU and ME.

“Be the change you want to see” is one of the quotes that has had the deepest influence on my life.  Just for today: I will live my life not getting angry, not worrying, feeling grateful for what I have, living in honesty and being kind to every living thing.  How can I preach these Reiki principles if I do not live by them myself?  Sometimes I fail on the anger one, but that’s ok so long as I begin the new day with my intentions intact.   If someone hurts us with words and we try to even the score by hurting them back nothing can be achieved, we are both wounded.  If someone hurts us and we walk away and offer a prayer to help ease their suffering we are starting to change the world, one tiny fragment at a time.  This is no easy thing to do and I think that is why this quote carries so much power behind it;  Mahatma Gandhi was a man who lived by what he preached and he inspired thousands of people to do the same.

Reiki is the greatest starting point for those who have been attuned to it.  Let’s treat it as the special gift that it is.  Let’s live our lives to the Reiki principles and share them with our clients and students, let’s offer unconditional acts of kindness to any living thing that we see may be in need.  One small act of kindness offered to an individual can really have a far reaching effect.  I am not suggesting that we can end the entire world’s suffering, but we can touch those nearest to us and before you know it the ripples have reached far and wide.

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