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When I created this site one of the first sentences I wrote was about the roller coaster that can be life and particularly a Reiki journey.  I haven’t written for a while as the powers that be have sent me several months of intense learning experiences and great challenges that at times have had me questioning my faith, gladly only for fleeting moments, as the metaphorical mountains seemed just too steep to climb.  During one of my meditations this weekend I thought about my neglected blog and asked for inspiration to help me write and share my personal experiences and beliefs about Reiki. Low and behold a post sprung out at me from social media that I felt compelled to get tapping away on the computer keyboard again.

The post was entitled Reiki Rules.  During my years in the world of Reiki I have met many Practitioners and many Masters some of whom I have admired enormously and some less so, some have had very strict rules and regulations and ideas about using the symbols and some have worked in a more intuitive way.  I try to keep an open mind and provided that the intentions are honourable then believe that there is room for us all.  The reason for writing this is that firstly I don’t like the words ‘Reiki Rules’; who says so?  I am guessing the author of the list or perhaps their teacher.  Here are the ‘rules’ for you to peruse:-

1. Do not develop the attitude of arrogance
2. You are not a doctor
3. Do not force Reiki on anyone
4. No free Reiki
5. Do not get attached to the result.
6. Be ethical

As I have previously discussed on here there are already the Reiki Precepts which are a code for practitioners to live by and these rules seem loosely based around those, HOWEVER, number 4 is the big one! “NO FREE REIKI” – why?  If we take this rule back to its bear bones then how can we call ourselves light workers?  Are we worshipping the Pound / Dollar more than our spiritual path? I have given free reiki more times than I can remember, to animals who have not asked for it so I guess I broke rule 3 too and to people who couldn’t afford to pay and were in no state mentally or physically at the time to enter into some kind of barter agreement.  I gave FREE reiki out of love and a desire to share this wonderful energy for the highest good of the recipient.

We all need to pay our way and therefore, if we have chosen Reiki as a career choice as well as a way of life then of course we need to accept payment, but to turn ones back on a person, animal or even a plant based on its inability to pay surely goes against everything that a light worker should stand for.  I think the important question to ask is:  If I give this treatment without charge will I still be able to eat this week?  If the answer is yes then it is my belief that we give the treatment.  It is written that there needs to be an exchange for Reiki to be valued and I agree with this, but sometimes the person who you have treated can become a teacher to learn from and if they express a great deal of gratitude which is often the case – what more reward is necessary?  Take a look at the great spiritual people of history and I think you will find that none of them turned their backs on the needy because they couldn’t pay.


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