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Just for today… I will do my work honestly Reiki Precept number 4.

For me personally I value honesty and integrity above most things.  The first person to be honest with is oneself.  If you do not live in truth it is difficult to know who you are.  If you live to satisfy others expectations of you eventually you will forget the true you.  When we have lost ourselves life can become a struggle.

We can begin to lose ourselves as early as childhood.  An example I can think of  is a young boy who is interested in ballet and yet forced into Rugby because it is  ‘gender appropriate’.  Ballet makes the boy feel complete, rugby just makes him terrified, but he complies because he has been told that “Boys don’t do ballet”.  I am sure we can all think of instances from our childhoods where we expressed and interest or talent in something only to be faced with negative comments or even ridicule.

By being honest with self and others I do not mean being hurtful or brutal, there is a difference between living in truth, saying things and taking actions that would wound ourselves or another just because it is our opinion, there is nothing to be gained in life from  hurting the emotions of a fellow human being.

Reiki can help to bring us back to ourselves, to help us live in our own truth by helping to clear blockages that we have stored from past hurts.  Very often we internalise emotions and by holding them inside this can cause us ‘dis-ease’ in the form of physical or mental illness. Reiki can bring about the balance to help us to help ourselves.  Much like the Lotus Flower in order to blossom we have to wade through some mud to get there, but that journey in itself can bring about positive change even if the journey is bumpy.

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