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Just for today…. I won’t succumb to worry.  This is Reiki precept number 2.  I have taken a long time to achieve this and even now I sometimes find the old ‘worry monster’ from my past creeping up behind me.

The important question to ask here is what useful purpose does worrying about something serve?  The usual answer to this is:  Absolutely none!

What it does do is lower your immune system, cause sleeplessness, fatigue and depression.  It takes a huge amount of energy to play a worrying scenario over and over in your mind; your body may respond by changing your breathing pattern, palpitations, you might find that you get hot and sweaty or very cold and digestive upsets are common.  What ever happens you are using valuable energy and doing yourself no favours.

It is very difficult when faced with a stressful situation to not worry about it.  In our western culture it seems to be an automatic response to all kinds of situations and life can be tough at times!

The thing to do is begin to become aware of the ‘automatic’ thinking that happens in your head all the time.  Each time a negative or worrying thought springs into your head about a situation or even about yourself (I am useless, ugly, fat, stupid) learn to recognise it for what it is – just a thought that will have no effect on the out come of a situation.

If you find you are in a downward worry spiral.  Take some time out to do an activity and make sure you are fully present in it.  You may be stuck at work if so take a few moments to concentrate on your breathing make sure it is even and steady and count each out breath. If you go for a walk concentrate on each step as you take it, scan your body and find the areas where you are holding on to stress and worry and actively work at relaxing them – this gets easier with practice.  Shoulders, back and abdomen are key areas where we hold on to negative emotions. Listen to the sounds around you, the way the light flickers through the leaves on the trees, the birds singing.  If you find your brain being invaded with thoughts acknowledge them and go back to focusing on your activity.  Monitor your breathing, if it is erratic bring it back in to a steady natural rhythm.

Reiki can help with stress and worry and bringing mindfulness and mindful meditation into your life can make a huge difference.

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