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My first post must start with the 5 Reiki Precepts which, whether you are a ‘Reiki’ person or not, these are worth incorporating into your life.

5 Reiki Precepts
5 Reiki Precepts

I would like to add a sixth one to this:  Just for today I will live in the present moment. 

I am going to discuss each of these precepts  over the next few days, starting with
‘Just for today I will not rise to anger’
This is easier said than done and as humans most of us fail to remain calm at times.  I used to think that this meant that I mustn’t show any anger and I did my best to internalise any angry emotions that I was experiencing.  Not surprisingly those unresolved emotions sit inside and fester then manifest in other ways such as physical pain, depression and general ‘dis-ease’.

The thing that I have learned if I begin to find something irritating me is to ask myself ‘Is this worth my time and energy or would those be better spent solving the issue or walking away’.  It is very easy to get caught up in replaying an upsetting situation over and over in your head this takes a huge amount of energy and will eventually lead to sleep disturbance and fatigue and can also eventually cause physical illness.  Reiki can help with all of these, but I prefer to use my Reiki treatments as ‘me’ time to just relax.

Try this if you can when you next feel upset about something.  Take 3 deep breaths in and out on each in breath say to yourself ‘I am CALM’ and on each out breath through the mouth say to yourself ‘I am RELAXED’.  Then, where possible, find a basin and splash some water on your face not in a hurried getting ready for work way, but take time to notice what the water feels like on your hands, is it cool, warm, quite hot?  How does it feel when it splashes onto your face imagine it taking hold of any anger that you have left and allowing that to wash away down the plughole. Then pay total attention to patting your face dry.  This is called being mindful and can actually calm your brain waves .  This is worth practicing over and over again.

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